As published in print with Uganda investment
As published in print with Uganda investment

A nation preparing to soar

Expansion plans in aviation infrastructure and solid progress in security and safety are creating a platform for Uganda’s air transport sector to provide a smooth experience for an increasing number of passengers

The Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda (CAA) is in an optimistic place today, thanks to expansion plans at Entebbe International Airport, the building of a new airport a Kabaale, and government plans to revive the country’s national carrier. This change, says CAA’s managing director, David Mpango Kakuba, will act as a catalyst for Entebbe International Airport to transform from destination airport into a connecting hub.

“We have witnessed an increasing number of tourist visitors. The number of passengers and amount of activity we have now is what was envisaged for 2022, so we are very optimistic. Our revenues are going up and we are sure we’re on the right track.”

“The number of passengers we have now is what was envisaged for 2022, so we are very optimistic”

David Mpango Kakuba

Managing Director, Civil Aviation Authority


As regards Kabaale, the CAA chief explains that initially it will be used as a special-purpose airport to fly in heavy equipment to launch oil extraction operations in the area, after which the authority will step in to oversee its future development and, finally, operate it as Uganda’s second international airport. These two phases will cost $325 million to roll out, according to the CAA. 

In an era of global security threats, Uganda’s aviation sector is gaining recognition for its management. The International Civil Aviation Organization improved the country’s rating in aviation security and safety to 81.8 per cent in 2017, a dramatic increase from the 64 per cent rating received in 2014.